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Joint agency cooperation framework
1. The conditions of joining are:
1. A natural person with a legal and effective legal person's business license or a good reputation;
2, there are legal and fixed operating places, and own business places such as self - operated stores or office buildings.
3, good faith in operation, compliance with law and law, and no record of bad management.
4, good communication and interpersonal relationship with local government related functional departments and enterprises and institutions.
5. Identify with the business philosophy of our company, with a strong desire to succeed, the spirit of professionalism and the effectiveness of the business.
Management capacity of the camp;
6. The plan and determination of the experience of the stage lighting project and the continuous management and development are given priority.
Two, join the type:
1. regional agents;
2. franchise partners;
Three, join the agent support:
Shenzhen Guangpu Technology Co. Ltd promises not only to provide excellent quality products for all types of distributors, project information, we pay more attention to the development of your day after. The company in line with the "cooperation and win-win" management concept, to ensure that the cooperation between you and us truly achieve mutual benefit and win-win! The relevant support is as follows:
1. accreditation authorization by the state;
2. product sample support;
3., provide a unified shop decoration design standard (floor plan, decoration effect map). Franchisees must be decorated according to the standards strictly, and the company will give corresponding decoration subsidy support according to different types of cities.
4. provide free personnel training (project construction, installation, commissioning, product after-sales maintenance);
5. provide a unified market brand promotion support, local advertising input;
6. product sales rebate;
7. the support of the professional construction team of the appointed company to the project of the co - operator;
8. to give priority to the right to know and to give priority to the promotion of the new product;
Four, franchisee Management:
1, price management: the supply price of the franchisee carries out a unified national price system.
2, sales management: the franchisee shall not have dumping, trans regional distribution behavior, to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the regional market;
3, the management of Guang Xuan: the demands of the franchisers to the advertisement of the brand are unified;
Five, join the process:
1, the applicant for the first time to our regional manager to consult to understand the related issues.
2, after consulting, the applicant should carefully consider the research combining with the actual situation of the local people. If there is a intention of cooperation, it can contact the regional manager to fill in the application form of the franchise, and then send it to the company.
3, after receiving the applicant's "application form", the company will send relevant personnel to negotiate with you. If the two sides can reach a cooperation agreement, they will formally sign the sales contract.
4, after signing the contract, the two sides have formally established the cooperative relationship. According to the terms of the cooperative agency agreement, the participating agents have the right to fulfill the obligations in the related articles.
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