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New beam lamp: China Red, Chinese Tangerine, Noble Orange, Diamond Gray

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As a stage lighting enterprise, it is committed to the development, production and sales of stage lighting products. It is a professional stage lighting solution, which is based on quality as the cornerstone, with respect to customers, with sincerity as the basis, brand as the basis, and with the market as the guide, according to the needs of the customers. The brand of the decision. With its unique patented technology, its products and services are unanimously recognized in the industry.

Chinese Red, Chinese Orange, Noble Orange, Diamond Gray

Design concept
Appearance: design elements, the overall shape is very dynamic. From the side, the lines are smooth and dynamic. The tail is echoed with the headlights, and the overall shape is young and simple.
Red: since ancient times, the festival of festivals, wedding and wedding events, the elegant demeanor of happy events, not only express the celebration of the festival, the joy of heart also emanates from the red and red joy. This symbolizes auspicious red, and it also conveys a long lasting festive spirit.
Orange: the bright and lively color, the warmest color in the warm color system, it is associated with the golden autumn, the rich fruit, is a rich, happy and happy color.
Grey: calm, tolerant, honest, steady, intelligent, successful and conscientious.
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