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What is the working principle of deep analysis of LED light bar?

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In the main streets of the city, there are many trees have been wrapped with LED lights, decorative lighting role. People can not help but wonder at their dazzling figure, but never know why they shine. So, do you know the working principle of the LED light bar? What is the working principle of Led light bar?
What is the working principle of LED lamp strip?

What is the working principle of LED light emitting _ level

What is the working principle of LED light bar? From the light level of LED light strip, LED lamp is made of GaN chip and yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) package together. GaN chips emit blue light (lambda p=465nm, Wd=30nm), sintered at high temperature, and Ce3+ containing YAG phosphors emit yellow light after the blue light excitation, with the peak value of 550nm. Blue LED lamp installed on the substrate wanxingreflection in the cavity covered with a resin mixed with thin films of YAG, about 200-500nm. The blue light emitted by the LED lamp substrate is absorbed by the phosphor, and the other part of the blue light is mixed with the yellow light emitted by the phosphor, so that the white light can be obtained. Now, for InGaN/YAG white LED lamp, by changing the chemical composition of YAG phosphor and adjusting the thickness of phosphor layer, the white light of color temperature 3500-10000K can be obtained. The method of obtaining white light through blue light LED lamp has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and high technical maturity, so it is used most. This is one of the principles of the LED light strip.
What is the working principle of LED lamp strip?
What is the working principle of LED lamps _ electronic physical level
What is the working principle of LED light bar? Physically, there are many levels of electrons in an atom. When the electrons jump from the high energy level to the low energy level, the energy of the electrons decreases, and the reduced energy is converted into photon emission. A lot of these photons are lasers. But the difference is, LED is not through the electronic transitions inside the atom to emit light, but by applying a voltage across the PN junction LED, the PN junction itself in a level form (in fact, is a series of energy), then the electrons at this level and jump to the light emitting photons. When the current passes through the wire acting on the wafer, the electrons are pushed into the P region, and the electrons in the P region are combined with holes, and then emit energy in the form of photons, which is the principle of the luminescence of the LED lamp. And the wavelength of light is the color of light, which is determined by the material that forms the P-N junction. This is also one of the principles of LED light strip luminescence.
What is the working principle of LED lamp strip?
What is the working principle of LED lamp strip? The production of _LED lamp strip
After knowing what the working principle of the LED light bar is, how to understand the LED light bar from the production process of the LED light bar. The quality of LED soft light bar depends on the manufacturer's attitude and the ability to own the equipment. To produce high-quality LED soft light to perfect management methods and incoming inspection process and reliable guarantee, to mount using LED machine high precise positioning, and then through the wave soldering, welding can be tested after PCB separation, connection, testing, aging, aging, sealing, packaging products. Every link and steps will affect the performance and stability of LED soft light, workshop style manual welding and soft packing out is not in anti-static workshop using high-quality LED soft light precision LED machine and clean out the packaging article mentioned in the same breath. This is the LED light bar production process, in fact, is relatively complex.
What is the working principle of LED lamp strip?
What is the working principle of LED lamp strip? The application of _led light bar
To understand the production process of LED lamp strip, what are the LED lights used in? At first, LED was used as an indicator light source for instruments and meters, and then all kinds of light colored LED were widely used in traffic lights and large area displays, which produced good economic and social benefits. The automobile signal lamp is also an important field of LED light source application. Because of the fast response speed of LED, it is possible to let the driver of the trailing vehicle know the driving condition as soon as possible, and reduce the rear end accident. In addition, the LED lamp has been applied in outdoor red, green, blue full-color display, button type micro flashlight and other fields. The above is the application of LED light bar, of course, the actual situation may be more complex.
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