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  • Skills of using stage lamps

    In the control of lighting, there cannot be any arbitrary, because the light has its own control practices and skills, otherwise, will lead to damage the bulb, lamp, lamp control table, and even cause fire, causing serious losses.
    We are following the misoperation, often appear in the actual work here that it.
    1. in the cool state of the bulb, suddenly push bright (full) light, the result may cause the light bulb "bang" burst, or cause the bulb tungsten filament fuse.
    (1) because the bulb in the production process, the glass shell of the bulb is inevitably uneven thickness, resulting in uneven heating phenomenon. When a light bulb is suddenly pushed on, the glass shell of the bulb rises instantaneously, as if living in an empty glass filled with boiling water
    (2) after the lights are used, the bulbs absorb water molecules in the air during the heat to cool, and the water molecules stay on the glass shell of the bulb. When you suddenly push the light bulb, the water molecules on the glass shell, as if in the boiling hot water injection of the same effect, the broken light bulb is also a matter of course.
    (3) suddenly push light, the impact of the current moment (rise), this will be an easy job to do under the tungsten filament lamp.
    Operation skills: when the light bulb in the cold state (before opening), will only push the fader console (a light pressure state often said), the bulb micro light, let it in the warm-up state, which is uniform, and evaporated condensed water molecules in the bulb glass shell. After a few minutes, preheating, pushed a little brighter, preheating again after a few minutes, can be completely bright lights.
    2. avoid dimming Taiwan clippers full state, and then open the silicon box power supply. The results are the same as those mentioned above, and the two will damage the bulb. Should the dimming Taiwan all the fader is closed, open silicon box power line.
    3. avoid switching the lamp console and the silicon box power in reverse order when switching the equipment. When opening the power supply, first open the power supply of the lamp console, then open the power supply of the silicon box; when closing the power supply, first turn off the power supply of the silicon box, and then turn off the power supply of the lamp console. If you reverse the sequence of operations, it will cause all the lights to flicker, which will affect the service life of the bulb.
    4. don't shake the lamp when the light bulb is pushed on. The tungsten filament of the bulb will break or fall off.
    In the light bulb, the temperature gradually increased, the tungsten also will become soft, and affected by the gravity, the tungsten filament (if not in the corresponding drop bulb with screw shaped tungsten wire, this phenomenon is particularly evident, the big shake) lamps, lights until completely cooled, can remove.
    5. avoid changing the bulb directly, contact the bulb directly with your hand, which will affect the brightness of the bulb, and another hidden hazard is the explosion of the bulb.
    (1) the grease or finger on the finger rubs against the glass surface of the bulb, leaving a "Scar", which affects the smoothness and transparency of the bulb, thus affecting the normal illuminance of the bulb
    (2) if the sweat on the fingers, fingers and bulb after close contact, salt molecules in sweat will absorb water molecules in the air, once the water on the bulb, when the bulb is rising rapidly, easily broken.
    Operating skills: when changing the bulb, must first wear gloves, and then contact the bulb. If there is no available packaging gloves, bulb sponge, plastic paper or soft paper towel, then installed, must remember these inclusions taken down after installation, so as not to cause fire in the light bulb push.
    6. avoid light shines out of light tone too focused. Too much focus will in a short period of time will be installed in the lamp on the colored paper color fades, lose color, what is more, the paper burning a hole. If the distance between the lamp and the flammable material is too close, it is not possible to point it out.
  • General Notices for the use of stage lamps

    The length of luminaire life is the correct use of lamps, as well as the operating environment and our daily maintenance, so this is also very important. Matters needing attention in routine maintenance:
    1. clean bulb. Bulbs generally have normal working life, with the aging of the bulb, outdoor use of protection. The vast majority of computer lights are exposed to rain when they are outdoors. Therefore, the use of computer lights outdoor signs of the times necessary to do a good job of rain, with the special waterproof cloth.
    2. protection in transportation. The computer lights in the mobile show are often handled frequently, and the precautions against earthquakes are essential.
    3. hoisting protection. High hanging computer lights must pay attention to the safety of people and equipment, before installation, must give the installation personnel to explain the scientific hoisting method.
    The 4. optical element, first use the vacuum or pressure blower to blow gently to the surface dust to particulate matter with no odor, water soaked tissue paper or cotton cloth soaked with alcohol, B cotton or odorless paper to remove dust and residue, distilled water for final cleaning, use a soft cotton cloth;
    5. with coating color film, pattern piece and optical lens parts, because the film coating surface is very fragile, easy to scratch, so don't use destructive solvents for cleaning;
    6., regular replacement of air filter cotton, so that it is in the best ventilation state, to enhance the heat dissipation of lamps;
    7. after the performance, use the console to extinguish the bubble, the lamp does not cut off the power supply, let it continue to work for a period of time (let the fan inside the lamp continue to work, in order to reduce the temperature inside the lamp.
  • The structure and principle of the stage computer shake head lamp

    First, the structure of the computer head shaking lamp can be divided into: optical system, mechanical system, computer control system
    1. Optical system
    Appendix Figure 11 is a type of optical system XLYLED computer lighting. Optical system is using a combination of elliptic sphere reflector system and two optical lens. The light emitted by the light source by the reflective system after double focusing lens group consists of aspheric lens and spherical lens, the aperture of the zoom lens group, move the zoom lens group can adjust the spot size and the actual situation.
    2. Mechanical system
    Change computer lighting is mainly driven by a step motor corresponding mechanical device or optical components to achieve. Such as: some use belt drive, some use gear (see Appendix 12), and some use of stepper motor direct drive and so on.
    3. Electrical system
    The electric system of the computer shake head lamp can be divided into the light source system and the control system
    A, light source system
    The computer shake head lamp usually uses the gas discharge light source, for example: HMI, MSD, HTI, HMD and so on, also needs to have the trigger circuit and the rectification circuit matching use
    B and control system
    Computer lighting usually have a control system main circuit board, CPU is responsible for receiving and processing DMX512 control signal from the console, the drive system will be sent to the signal processing board of stepping motor, the driving part to perform the corresponding action.
    Two. The function of computer shake head lamp:
    Computer head light to show the dynamic lighting known, its function usually corresponds with the control channel, namely a function represented by a control channel, also has the function for a channel, usually the number of channels, said functions are also more.
    1, color change (Color)
    The color change is computer lighting installed on one disc with a plurality of coated color disk medium film, such as the appendix is shown in Figure 3, when a color piece rotates to the optical axis, can appear the light color, when combined with two color color combinations can get more, in addition to color wheel slice can shine beautiful light, high speed rotation will be generated when the rainbow effect.
    2, changes in patterns (Gobo)
    Computer lighting pattern change is also remarkable, useful pattern pieces made of metal graphics, useful also made of glass, such as the appendix figure 4. pattern piece is installed on the turntable, through the rotation of the disk to change the pattern, pattern pieces can also rotate, rotate speed available built-in procedures to regulate its fast and slow can also be used. A combination of the two round of the pattern, the dynamic effect before and after the two pattern plate under combined to create a variety of unimaginable.
    3, prism effect (Prism)
    Prism effect usually use special prism lens forming, such as the appendix figure 5. prism and pattern pieces used in combination can produce multiple effect image pattern, or three-dimensional effect, and prism rotation and speed adjustable its built-in function, can produce multiple images in the appendix.
    4. Horizontal and vertical motion of beam (Pan &Tilt)
    The operation depends on the beam of the lamp body horizontal rotation and vertical rotation of the swing and the formation of the maximum horizontal rotation range up to 540 degrees, the range of vertical rotation of the swing up to 270 degrees, can complete the whole rotation function in 1~2 seconds. By combining the horizontal and vertical movement of the beam two, computer lighting can achieve the maximum the degree of freedom in the air.
    5, soft effect (Frost) and astigmatism
    Also called soft atomization, using a variety of soft chip, can obtain very good combination of soft spot effect, such as the appendix figure 8. also some computer lighting, as well as the effect of atomization function gradient.
    6. Dimming strobe (Dimmer & Stribe)
    Computer lighting the gas discharge lamp, using thyristor ordinary tube can not dimmer dimming, using a mechanical method only (STROBE sheet) to achieve different effects gradually darkening, as figure 9. appendix strobe speed in 1~10 / sec.
    7, zoom (Zoom)
    A zoom function of computer lighting, can freely adjust the size of the spot and the spot situation, such as changes in the scope of appendix figure 12. beam angle can be generally in a few degrees to thirty degrees, two degrees or more, up to 55 degrees.
    8, color temperature correction (CTC, GTC)
    Because the computer lighting most of the gas discharge lamp, higher color temperature, color temperature correction function is often used, according to the need to adjust the color temperature. Some use multi color temperature correction sheet, so there are several color options, such as: 3300K, 5600K, 6000K (CTC); there is a color with continuous changes in the range of 3000K-6000K (GTC).
    9, others:
    Such as: shape function, aperture size change, color diversity, group effect and so on
    The function of computer lighting is often used in combination, such as color, shape, prism combination, to create a colorful variety of lighting effects, lighting designers can be performed according to the requirements of the full use of computer lighting performance means, create the most charming light effect on the stage.
  • Classification of lighting categories in entertainment places

    Stage lighting, also known as stage lighting, is one of the stages of art modeling. Stage lighting equipment for the use of drama is essential, with the development of the story, the display environment, rendering the atmosphere, highlighting the central character in color and change, to create stage space feeling, a sense of time, shaping stage external image, and provide the necessary light effect. What about the stage lighting?
    First, the basic effect lights
    In order to make the audience see the stage clearly, the performance can be seen clearly. First of all, give a basic lighting to the whole stage. The basic lighting includes uniform white light and colored lighting. The basic lighting is a must, but the intensity is not high, especially in some tours many occasions, or some performances of the climax, or some special performances (such as magic), basic white light is particularly important. The basic color is the atmosphere of the whole stage. Determines the effect of light tone, or passionate, or romantic, melancholy or calm. In the choice of lamps, installed in front of the stage to stage light, should be used in the spotlight, obtained by adding color filters, color should not be too deep, in the back stage and the top stage (Ni Guang) is commonly used in the spotlight, also available from the direction of the light beam spot light after surface cast in a body and the brightness can be brighter color, also can choose some relatively strong.
    Two, basic effect lamp
    It is composed of directional beam lamps and lanterns, which has the aesthetic sense of three-dimensional space, the color change is varied, and the shape can be freely assembled and changed by stage lighting teachers.
    Three, special effect lamp
    Because of its superior performance and ever-changing effect, the computer lamp is the best special effect lamp. But the price of computer light is very expensive, so it must be guaranteed on the premise of basic light and basic effect. At the same time, due to the use of computer lights, you can relatively reduce the number of basic effect lights. Each lamp mechanical lighting, because its function is relatively single, fixed, will feel they are not good control, so it can match less.
    Four, character light
    Group performance and large area lighting are solved by basic white light. With light lamp to solve local lighting, host lighting, so it is best to light up with 2 to 3 units, due to different occasions. The team or other fixed performers can use the beam spot to light the spot.
    Five. Lighting console
    All of the above lights need to be controlled for their brightness. Silicon controlled devices are generally used for control. When choosing the lighting console, we should choose the console type products with strong function, controllable circuit and convenient operation. If the economy permits, the best choice is the computer console.
    Six. Background light
    The background of the dance hall varies with the performer, and each change is due to the aesthetic or the needs of the program. The background light is to highlight these backgrounds so that they can be integrated into the performance to highlight the theme. The background lights include sky lights, ground lights, beam lights, etc..
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